Thursday, 7 November 2013

Living with a baby

Lying in bed at night

with the light on,


Baby's in her own room now

so I'm allowed to do this.

It feels so decadent.


Having a soak in the bath.

Not having to rush

'cos my husband's at home.

It's a good thing

but it feels kinda selfish.


Church on a Sunday.


she won't cry too loudly

or annoy anybody.


not about 'look at me',

I'm just feeding my baby.

Don't get me wrong-

I love it-

a real blessing from God

but I don't like feeding

her in the toilet.


Date nights and cinema trips

almost unheard of-

at least for the moment.

Can't go out baby-free

without special arrangements

and asking for favours-

mostly from Grandparents

or church friends.

What would I do

if they lived far away?

I'd hardly ever get a break.

Raising a child is not meant

for just one or two-

it's all about community.


Not much sleep most nights

though it's not too bad this time.

Thanking God whenever

I get six hours in a row.

I'm not complaining,

just saying.

Being tired is boring

and I'll try not to bore you.


Taking the pushchair

wherever we go.

Can't always fit on the bus

or through the aisles

in the shops.

It seems to annoy some strangers

that I have to transport my baby.

Having to say loudly

'excuse me' (politely).



Cuddles and giggles

first thing in the morning.

Love at first sight

and for all of my life.

Nothing in the world like it.


demanding and tiring

but always rewarding.

This is my job and I love it.

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  1. I love this poem Alex - it's so true! Just substitute six hours in a row with three hours and grandparents that do live far away, and that's me!