Saturday, 12 October 2013

Bible challenge day 13

I have found a good way to carry my Bible around when I go for a walk - on my daughter's pram. I took it to the local shops this week. Sometimes I don't bother with a shopping basket so I was pushing around my Bible and some brioche. That sounds a bit middle class doesn't it? :/ I did get a couple of funny looks but everyone is too polite to say anything.

I have become a fan of reading it on the bus and have done so a few times this week. Two things that I have noticed over the past 13 days are:

1) I am generally in a better frame of mind.
2) I am more sympathetic.

I really wouldn't have expected this from the challenge, but there you go. I believe that point one comes from reading my Bible more often (simply because it's to hand) and point two is more due to reading in public.

I wonder how my fellow challengees are doing? It was good to see another Bible being placed on the table alongside mine at lunch this week. I really should get a smaller one; mine is so heavy!

I must remember to take it to church tomorrow.

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