Thursday, 15 August 2013

Sea Park

We can hear the sea

whoosh and swish

as the waves break

on the beach.

There are a million stars.

The sand is still warm

between my toes.

I scrunch them up-

it crunches satisfyingly.

Gramps is fishing.

We are the only ones here.

Just us, the sea and the stars.

The air is warm and salty.


'Got one!'

His arms strain

as he reels the fish in.

I can just make it out

by the starlight-

wriggling and squirming,

a flash of silver scales.

It lands with a thump on the soft sand.

'Grunter.' says Gramps.



Its yellow eye stares at me,


Its lips open and close

like its trying to tell me

a secret.

It falls suddenly still,

and its scales fade to grey.

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