Friday, 3 May 2013

A tiger in Tesco

I went to Tesco last night

to buy hotdogs for tea.

I was looking at the price of bread rolls

when I felt someone

watching me.


I looked up and met his eyes.

They were amber, like fire,

with flecks of jade.

He snarled and showed his teeth.

His breath was warm and smelled of fish.


There was a tiger in Tesco,

staring at me.


He was huge.

He took up most of the aisle and

when he flicked his tail,

a box of doughnuts went flying.

He growled softly.


I should have run away.

I should have screamed.

Instead, I stood my ground.

Why was there a tiger in Tesco

staring at me?


Where did he come from?

Was he hungry?

Was he about to take a bite out of me?

I should have been afraid.

Instead, I stared back.


I threw him a roll.

Do tigers like bread?

He pounced on it like a kitten

and gobbled it in one bite.

So I threw him another.


Had I gone crazy?

Was this a dream?

Why was there a tiger in Tesco

being fed by me?

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